Olive leaf extract dosage for tooth infections

Olive leaf extract dosage for tooth infections

Toothache, ear infection. Question: Does olive leaf extract help with toothache and ear infection. Answer: Generally yes, it reduces inflammation and fights against bacteria so it should help for both.

You would need to take a strong capsule or you could use an ethanolic tincture and mix a strong solution with a little water and keep it in the mouth in the affected area for a few minutes before swallowing. If you have an abscess under your tooth from a root canal treatment for example or a leaky filling it would be best to get this seen to by a dentist. Click here to post comments. Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do.

Simply click here to return to Questions and Answers. I think antibiotics aren't good for the body and I wanted to know if Olive Leaf Extract pills could cure it.


Answer; I think an ethanolic tincture would work very well for this, more so than pills. It will be absorbed partially in the mouth and throat, and if you can gargle with it and get it to coat the tonsils, all the better. It will be absorbed directly through the membranes. This is not to say any other form of olive leaf extract will not work, they all will but may take longer.

Thie tinctures work very well in the mouth and throat. Well here it is 4 or 5 years later and just a sniffle once in awhile. I don't know if this is the reason but I'm going to continue.

I have my own bottle and I use it when I feel a sore throat or a coming down with it feeling. Just like a Timex, takes a lickin and keeps on tickin. Thanks, you're welcome. Click here to add your own comments. Question: Has anyone used and had success with Olive Leaf Extract in liquid form as a topical treatment for an abscess? Answer: People have had great success using Olive leaf extract ethanolic tinctures for mouth ulcers and abscesses under teeth because the absorption is so good in the mouth.

On the outer layers of skin you would need to take it internally as well in the form of tinctures or capsules in a strong dose. Back to Home Page.

Click for Quick Search. Plagiarism will be pursued. Ghost writers copying content and changing wording is still theft. Great news! Well done for sticking to it. I think people often give up too soon because herbal supplements generally work gently and we are used to having everything at a snap of our fingers these days. Topical for abscess Question: Has anyone used and had success with Olive Leaf Extract in liquid form as a topical treatment for an abscess?

Comments for Tonsillitis Click here to add your own comments.Its working but takes some time. I caught a cold almost a year and a half ago from work. Everyone was complaining they had a sinus infection. In my case I just had a lingering thick but clear discharge from my nose. I have had some dental issues that I couldn't afford to take care of, so I figured it was my teeth. It got very bad where I thought I had an abscessed tooth. It turned out I had a sinus infection. Went to the dentist and he didn't see anything on the ex-ray.

I had been taking mg twice a day for about three weeks and my mouth hurt so bad I couldn't stand it at times. I thought this isn't working so looked it up and decided I wasn't taking enough. I upped the dose and felt even worse for about 5 days and then it started to subside. I have had dental work done but I am convinced that this has worked for me. I started taking MG as stated in the dose recommended part of this. I am still fighting this but it has improved so much that I'm a believer.

olive leaf extract dosage for tooth infections

My advise would be to take the recommended amount listed here as the bottle I had said take 2 pills a day at Mg a day. I am now taking mg a day 3 times a day. Working for me. Click here to add your own comments. Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. Simply click here to return to Olive Leaf Extract - a natural antibacterial.A tooth abscess is painful and can be treated. According to the American Dental Association, a bacterial infection and the collection of pus in the pulp of the tooth, which is the soft part inside the tooth, creates this common tooth condition.

Bacterial infections can cause swelling and fever. These types of infections normally do not just go away and require treatment. Antibiotics are often prescribed to help heal the infection of the abscess tooth.

Several herbs can act as an antibiotic to treat a tooth abscess. The olive tree has been known for centuries for its leaves and fruit that aid in health, as well as beauty. Olive leaf is quickly gaining a reputation as a natural antibiotic. The olive leaf has important properties that can fight infection. Olive leaf contains a property known as oleuropein and can work as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent.

It also reduces the inflammation that can cause pain. Olive leaf can be purchased in capsules and as an extract 2. It is important to follow the instructions on the bottle before taking this helpful herb.

Garlic can be strong and can irritate the skin, so do not leave it on longer than a few minutes. It is equally important to take garlic capsules orally four times a day, which will continue to help with the infection as well. It is suggested that you make a tea and gargle with it three to four times a day. Echinacea comes in tinctures and capsules and can be taken as directed to battle an abscess tooth.

Putting a few drops of tea tree oil on a tooth brush and brushing several times a day can help with infection. Tea tree oil also can be effective for an abscess tooth by putting 10 drops into a cup of water and swishing it in the mouth four times a day.

Tyler Woods is a holistic mental-health practitioner and has had a private practice for over 13 years. She holds a master's degree in psychology as well as a Ph. She enjoys working with holistic mental health. Monitor the health of your community here. More Articles. Written by Tyler Woods.Tooth infection.

I used metrodazole for a week, did nothing for nasty tooth and jaw infection, just made me ill, so in desperation started taking x3 capsules of olive leaf extract and warm salt mouth washes. Click here to post comments. Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do.

Simply click here to return to Olive Leaf Extract - a natural antibacterial. I have been fighting periodontal disease and had chronic pain and swelling in my lower gums which was getting worse. Visited a dentist who did nothing except try to sell me a very expensive course of treatment. He let me know my mouth had a lot of infection but failed to offer me any kind of relief from that. I came to realize he was only looking to line his pockets and didn't really care about my well being.

I set out on the internet to find any way possible to help myself. I had Olive Leaf extract in my cabinet anyway, and in a desperate quest to try to cure my own infection and improve my oral health, I did some further research and found out about its antimicrobial benefits. I started taking 4 capsules a day.

Within 2 days, I developed a sore throat, and within another day, an area of my gums became even more swollen to the point I thought they may abscess. I became very worried but read further about "die-off" symptoms and felt like this was what I was experiencing. I am now at the end of my first week.

All pain and swelling in my gums, including areas that have had moderate swelling and redness for many years are now healthy and normal looking. Pink rather than red, and NO pain. I am also taking a dental probiotic formula, oil pulling, and using a water pik to soothe and heal my mouth I can't believe I had this in my cabinet and wasn't taking it!

I will take it for maintenance purposes and for the other health benefits for the rest of my life. Hall Montgomery, AL 23rd June Click here to add your own comments.

Back to Home Page. Click for Quick Search. Plagiarism will be pursued. Ghost writers copying content and changing wording is still theft. Tooth infection I used metrodazole for a week, did nothing for nasty tooth and jaw infection, just made me ill, so in desperation started taking x3 capsules of olive leaf extract and warm salt mouth washes. Gum infection by Donna Florida I have been fighting periodontal disease and had chronic pain and swelling in my lower gums which was getting worse.

Olive leaf by: John Did the infection hurt a bit more whilst being killed? Interesting Testimonial by: Terence Thank you for an interesting testimonial. What strikes me is that although you took tablets, the olive leaf still found its way through your whole system and into your gums in sufficient strength to have an effect, in a fairly short space of time. This herb never ceases to amaze me.The natural antibacterial, olive leaf extract has proven itself in a wide range of applications.

It literally breaks a hole into the cell wall of the bacteria allowing the contents to leak out and be destroyed. First line of defence - your gut. Bad diet, antibiotics, preservatives, certain medications or stress can destroy or give rise to a "climate" in our intestines which is unfavourable to the beneficial bacteria we need in order to live. An overgrowth of harmful pathogenic bacteria, yeasts and other organisms results. These consume food matter and poison us with their toxic waste products, or turn parasitic and begin to live off the cells of our intestinal walls.

This leads to multiple gut and other problems, and causes a drain on our immune system which lowers resistance to other disease organisms we come into contact with. Olive Leaf Extract, a natural antibacterial has an amazing property unparalleled by modern medicine. Olive leaf can inhibit or destroy a wide range of harmful bacteria, fungi and yeasts while allowing beneficial bacteria to multiply. This has been found in various experiments, some of which can be done at home. For example, by adding olive leaf extract to a range of different yoghurt cultures, it can be seen that the formation of yoghurt is not hindered, meaning the bacteria used in the culture were not harmed.

The healing, antimicrobial and purging effect of olive leaf extract in the gut can't be overstated. Together with a good probiotic formula and a healthy diet, olive leaf extract can do much to right an infected, damaged gut and work miracles in terms of specific complaints and general health. A big problem with bacteria is that they mutate. Antibiotics which were once highly effective become ineffective as bacteria mutate and develop a resistance to them.

Some bacterial strains have become a big problem in hospitals where they have become antibiotic-resistant. They are now "superbugs" and can be lethal to patients who come to hospital for other reasons. Natural antibacterial substances are not easy for bacteria to become resistant to. As natural antibacterial herbs are typically composed of a number of complex substances all working together to produce a result, it is not possible for simple bacteria to mutate around them.

Olive leaves have resisted bacterial attack on themselves for thousands of years which is a good indicator of this property. The active ingredients including oleuropein of this natural antibacterial break down the cell walls of a wide range of pathogenic bacteria so destroying them.

olive leaf extract dosage for tooth infections

One of the best natural cold and 'flu remedies, olive leaf extract is also a natural cure for sinusitis. Often a bacterial sinus infection is complicated by other bacteria which are not killed by the medication used for the first one.The mineral magnesium plays several key roles in the body, including the regulation of blood pressure. People who eat diets rich in this nutrient along with others such as potassium tend to have lower blood pressure compared to people whose diets lack adequate levels.

Whether or not supplementing with magnesium will offer benefit for treating high blood pressure has not been conclusively established, though the University of Maryland Medical Center notes some studies did produce positive results. No official dosage recommendations exist to specifically address hypertension, though some general ones have been established.

Talk to your doctor about the appropriateness of magnesium supplements to treat your hypertension and a suggested dosage, which will likely hinge on several individual factors, such as the use of medications that lower magnesium levels in the body. To achieve optimal benefits of this mineral for high blood pressure, eat more magnesium-rich foods. The suggested daily dosage for magnesium hinges on gender.

The UMMC notes a dosage range of mg to mg for men and mg to mg for women. Michael T. Murray, an expert on the role of nutrition in health, recommends taking mg to mg three to four times a day to treat hypertension.

This greatly exceeds the dosages recommended to ensure adequate intake and promote general health. Often, you might require larger doses of a vitamin or mineral to achieve a medicinal effect.

Work with your doctor in these instances since high amounts of natural substances can carry the risk for adverse reactions much like drugs can. Magnesium supplements come in many forms. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center says that magnesium citrate might offer the best absorption.

Natural Remedies For Combating Periodontal & Gum Disease

Look for supplements that contain the USP label, which indicates a pure supplement that contains the active ingredients in the stated amounts as well as other aspects of quality. USP stands for the United States Pharmacopeia, and any supplement with this designation has undergone testing through this nonprofit organization.

olive leaf extract dosage for tooth infections

This is a voluntary process however, and a lack of this designation does not automatically imply a poor-quality supplement. Your doctor or pharmacist can also offer guidance on quality brands.

Common side effects include diarrhea and stomach upset.

Toothache, ear infection.

If you already have low stores of calcium, magnesium supplementation could lead to a calcium deficiency because these nutrients compete for absorption. Talk to your doctor about the need for a calcium supplement while using magnesium. When taken at the suggested dosages, the use of supplements appears safe.

Magnesium could decrease the effectiveness of several medications, including the antibiotics ciprofloxacin, moxifloxacin, tetracycline, doxycycline and minocycline and the osteoporosis medications tiludronate and alendronate. To avoid interactions, take magnesium supplements either one hour prior to taking these drugs or two hours after. If you take medications to manage your blood pressure, the use of supplements that exert similar effects could necessitate dosage adjustments to compensate for actions of magnesium.

Only your doctor can safely make these determinations.Because products differ widely, it can be difficult to know if the olive leaf extract dosage you are taking is enough or too much for your purpose. If you have already purchased a product, this page will help you decide within the manufacturer's recommended range how much to take.

If you are wondering what to purchase, it will show you how to compare strengths and choose a product with the right olive leaf extract dosage for you. To start off, choose a suitable dosage form for you. Click olive leavesfor some options then return to this page. Is it toxic? It is reassuring to know when considering olive leaf extract dosage, that it has very very low toxicity. Even water taken in excess can be toxic. In tests using oleuropein, one of the major active constituents, researchers were unable to find the toxic dose.

Olive leaf extract dosage, within generally recognised limits is determined by the purpose for taking it and the effect it has on the person who takes it. Over years as a supplier to health shops, health professionals and the public I've had no feedback from users of my products that were of serious cause for concern. The few reactions experienced by some people were easily dealt with by reducing the dosage or ceasing to take it.

Having said that, correct olive leaf extract dosage is very important if success is to be had, and certain things need to be understood, especially where disease conditions are present. These are highlighted in 8 points further down this page. If a product has "extra strength" or "super potency" splashed all over the label without quoting actual oleuropein concentration or tincture strength, be suspicious.

health benefits of olive leaf extract

If you want to take it to alleviate a real problem it may produce disappointing or no results. Don't have much time to read? Our brief newsletters cover all you need to know and you won't miss out on our special offers either.

Adult Health Maintenance: 25mg per day divided into doses Disease Prevention: 75mg per day divided into 3 doses Acute Illness: mg per day divided into doses. For children, do not add the extra. Calculate how many capsules are required to supply this amount of oleuropein. Proceed to step 3. Your capsules contain 35mg oleuropein each, so you need These basic olive leaf extract dosages may be adjusted if necessary taking into account the eight factors below.

Olive leaf extract has been shown to lower high blood pressure, regulate blood sugar levels and prevent blood platelets from sticking together. While this is good news for the average person, it may add to the effect of high blood pressure medication bringing it too lowalter required insulin dosage in diabetics and increase the effect of blood thinners such as Warfarin. Anyone using medication for any of these conditions should consult their doctor before dosing with olive leaf extract.

People who typically have low blood pressure should first try small doses about half a maintenance dosage for your age to check if it has any lowering effect on their blood pressure causing for example a feeling of dizziness when standing up suddenly. If no effect is noticed, build up to the recommended dosage over a few days. Pregnant or breast-feeding? Some disease-causing microbes pathogensparticularly in areas such as the digestive tract, sexual and urinary organs, sinuses and ear, nose, throat, lungs, lymph glands, joints, and meninges protective membranes around the brain are able to evade your body's immune cells.

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